The name itself reveals the type of music released from this instrument. Drums are basically used for foot tapping loud music. These are attention pullers.

No matter what so ever mood we are in, once drums start playing, our feet start tapping, shoulders start jumping and waist start swirling. This is the impact drums create on us. It puts broad smile on our faces and pumps the blood flow in out veins.

Drums is the collection of drums and other percussion instruments on a stand played by a single player with drumsticks held in both hands and feet operating pedals that control the hi-hat cymbal and the beater for the bass drum. It consists of variety of drums, idiophones, cymbals and also woodblock and cowbell.

A standard drum kit consists of snare drum, a bass drum, toms, hi-hat and cymbals, however there are more innovations done to this kit.

There are types of drum sets used in modern era of musical world.

Acoustic drum sets

It is regular drums kit along with drum triggers on the drums and cymbals. The triggers can be built inside or permanently fixed on to the cymbals, so that they are necessarily either fixed triggers, removable or simply an acoustic kit. Usually the acoustic drum sets has either commercially available mesh head skins or its natural skin and other muting accessories to reduce the acoustic sounds generated when played together. This way acoustic drum sets has the feel and sizes of the standard acoustic drum sets but with the added benefits of an electronic kits.

Electronic drum kit

It‘s an electronic device struck by a drummer, played in real time to produce a selection of sound, instruments and effects from either samples or modeled sounds contained in a sound module or electronic processor. It is an electronic synthesizer that can replicate the sound of an acoustic drum kit with good quality. It consists of set of drum pads mounted on a stand or a rack similar to acoustic drum kit. The drum pads themselves are either discs or shallow drum shells made of various materials often with a rubber or cloth like coated playing surface. Each pad has a sensor that generates an electric signal when struck. The electric signal is transmitted through cables into an electronic drum module. The sound signal from the drum module can be plugged into a keyboard amp or heard with headphones for silent practices.

Snare drums

It is a percussion instrument known for its shallow cylindrical shape and powerful staccato sound. Snare drums are often used in orchestra, concert bands, marching bands, parades and drum corps. Snare drums are usually played with drum sticks. It is known for its loud crack when struck with a drum stick or mallet. The depth of the sound varies from snare to snare because of different techniques and constructions qualities of the drum. The snare drum is constructed of two heads both made of plastic along with a rattle of metal wires on the bottom head called snares. The top head is typically called the batter head because that is where the drummer strikes. The bottom head is called the snare the snare head because that is where snare is located.